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Please call to schedule an appointment 


Fittings are an important part of the alterations process. During your first fitting, you will be pinned for any bodice work, hem, and bustle, if needed. Your second fitting will be to see how well the product fits after the changes have been made. At this point everything may be perfect, or we may have to do some fine tuning. If so, we will schedule a third fitting.

Women will need your bra if you are wearing one. Shoes will need to be worn for hem adjustments. You will also need to bring them with you for every fitting. Please do not change these items for something different once you have been fitted. Any changes will change how it fits, and how the hem will hang. If you are fitted with flats, and then switch to heels, your dress/pants will be too short, and I can't glue anything back!

We require a 50% down payment for all wedding and special occasion dresses. We accept cash and credit cards. Any payments made at the time of pick up must be done in cash. We make every effort to give you an accurate estimate at the first fitting, and to stick with that estimate. However, on occasion additional work may be needed that wasn't seen at the first fitting. This will require an additional charge.

We do not purchase the fabric or notions. We are more than happy to give you detailed instructions on what to buy.

Cancellation of alterations are accepted with a full refund of first deposit within 7 business days from the time of your first fitting. After that, no refunds will be given. The reason being is that we have set aside time in our schedule, and may have had to refuse someone else because of time constraints.

Polices are subject to change without notice. A current policy can be obtained by contacting us directly. You will have to sign a contract for services.

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