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General Price List

Lady D Fashions can meet all your needs. We repair and mend most Women, Men and Children's clothing. Prices are subject to change.

Pants Hem

-Hand Sew $12-over

-Machine Sew $10-over

-With Lining $12-over

-Cuffs $15-over

Skirt Hem

-Hand Sew $15-over

-Machine Sew $12-over

-With Lining $15-over

Jackets / Depends on Degree of Difficulty

-Sleeves Hem $10-over

-Bottom Hem $15-over

-Inner Seams $15-over

Side Seams & Waist (Skirt, Pants, Dresses ect)

-Take In $10-over

-With Lining Take In $15-over

Zipper Replacement / Depends on Degree of Difficulty

-Pants $15-Over

-Dresses & Skirts $12-over

-Jackets $20 Over

Curtians & Pillows (Depends on Degree of Diffuculty)

-Pillows $10-over

-Curtain Hem $20-over

Custom Made Clothes

Call for prices

Embroidery Prices.

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